Thursday, 28 July 2016

EyeRIS Software for Schools

 Link for downloading the EyeRIS software for SMART Board

Installation Note :
1. Download the software and extract 
2. Give permission to file
3. Double click -> Run in Terminal. 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Add School code in School Mail ID

  Most of the mails we receive from schools don't have details such as the school code, Name of sub district, full name of the school, name/contact number of the HM/sender, Details of the students concerned. This makes the response slow/no action. So give all the details in the mail.

Why and how  to add school code to your mail? 

(Click  on the images to enlarge them)

But it not possible to change the mail ID now and then. So, let's see how to add school code with the EMail ID, just to recognize your school.

 From this signature, the school can be identified easily.

( Prepared: VVK, ITSchool, ksd )

Let's Make SAMPOORNA Perfect

Updation- Why and When?:

       SAMPOORNA  is the database for other sites related to school  such as 6th working day strength, UID, Textbook Management, Uniform Indent,  Kalolsavam, Sasthrolsavam, Sports and Games   etc... So, it should be updated   time to time.
       Here gives short notes on SAMPOORNA. Refer it when having issues. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Kannada Typing Results



Monday, 9 November 2015


Venue : VPPMKPS GVHSS Trikarpur
2015 November 19,20
IT MELA - 20th November 2015
Time Item Section Venue
10.00 AM Digital Painting UP LAB 1
11.00 AM Digital Painting HS LAB 1
12.00 AM Digital Painting HSS LAB 1
10.00 AM Malayalam Typing UP LAB 1
11.00 AM Malayalam Typing HS LAB 1
12.00 AM Malayalam Typing HSS LAB 1
1.00 PM Kannada Typing UP/HS/HSS LAB 1
10.00 AM Multimedia Presentation HS LAB 2
11.00 AM Multimedia Presentation HSS LAB 2
10.00 AM Web Page Designing HS LAB 2
11.00 AM Web Page Designing HSS LAB 2
10.30 AM IT Quiz UP HALL 1
11.00 AM IT Quiz HS HALL 1
11.00 AM IT Quiz HSS HALL 1
10.30 AM IT Project HS HALL 2